Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Orkut

Like a child that gets attracted to colorful new things, my mouse pointer often moves to my Firefox tab where my Orkut is logged in. Yes days back in the old UI, there was a faded out image saying New Beta UI. Now its in action. Haven't tried it out yet, play around soon. After carefully playing around with it here is my review.

Things I liked:
  • The Layout - Its really a cool one. Highlights would include rounded corners, clear separation of various panes with enough space between each.
  • Trusty, Cool, Sexy are neat. In the OLD UI they extend based on number of friends they mark it. Now its simple 3 level for each.
  • Horizontal alignment of birthdays is good.
  • Under 'Manage Friends' we can clearly find open invites.
Things I would like to change:
  • When we accept a friends request, the separation of haven't met, acquaintance, friend, etc are good. But they have an old look of multi colored rectangles. They can be given rounded corners and clear separation.
  • My communities pane is not getting refreshed with the latest updated community. If not frequently they could be done at intervals of 30 min or so.
  • In case of landscape photos for profiles are aligned to the top, which doesn't look good because there is space between photo and name. The old way of alignment to bottom near name was good.
  • Frequently updated users & communities like it happens in Youtube! Videos that are currently being watched.
Comment on what you think about the new Orkut UI?


Kishore said...

i want to add jus 1 more thing that has to be changed in orkut(new). In the scrap book in which the time of the scrap is aligned left due to the delete button by its side. So it looks unformatted while comparing it with the scraps which don have the delete button. In the older version the delete button was at bottom right corner, which looked nice.

Puthali said...

hmm...y is 'rounded corners' considered nice?

Vijesh said...

Sharp corners is usual, and boring to our eyes! Hence rounded is a change.

Puthali said...

if the reason is just being uncommon...thn i dont see ne diff...coz these days almost everything has rounded corners...i was thinking if it had to do something with aesthetics...