Saturday, August 18, 2007

BCB4 Podcast

Well, I decided to move the podcast from the widget window to posts. Here are some of podcast made using a small transcend music player in Barcamp Bangalore 4. The audio recorded was bit low and lots of noise over lapped. But then with my best efforts I made some post processing using Audacity. Audacity is an open source music editing software. For basic users like us it helps a lot, unlike the proprietary Audio editors in demo version. Ok, now the audio is ready, initially I thought of using the space available in Google pages to upload the audio, But the tiny 100mb was insufficient. Then tried odeo. But for some unknown reason I was not able to save a audio in it. The script hangs or I din do them in right way. Then imeem came to the rescue. I upload was swift and playlist widget was cool. So here is the audio to listen.
Techbits Podcast: To my knowledge a podcast is streaming of audio in the web. It is a derivation of a webcast where only audio is shared. The popular podcast format is mp3. There are numerous site that supports podcast say odeo, imeem, etc. They also provide handy javascript players that help to embedded audio in blog, webpages.


Unknown said...

Thanks very much Vijesh,

I hadn't attended the barcamp. Well, I'll make it to BR5. This podcast helped me to get an idea of what's going on.

Really appreciate your efforts. Great!

Vijesh said...

I din expect things to come in shape as it is now. Lot of post processing has gone into it, :)

Meet you in BCB5