Sunday, December 13, 2009


Shopping! A lot of shopping.

Once I started preparing for the wedding, first in the itenary was shopping. I thought I will do it sometime in mid January since I was not sure what my hip size would be then. But due to other logistics we decided to do it early. So I landed in Chennai over a weekend for shopping with my parents.

Destination: RMKV Silks

Usually I have heard real life experience from men as to how it would be to shop with women. So I was extra prepared, since I was with my mom, mom-in-law and The bride. We entered RMKV around Saturday afternoon. But she was smart* she had already selected the wedding saree. So we need not wait until we select one. [To brief: RMKV has a good bridal7 collection saree, that is one of the 'n' number of collection they have for the brides, Ideally including the designer silk and stuff. The shop has two floors packed with sarees] Everyone liked the saree that was selected. Now-a-days one has an option to keep the saree on them (the girl) and see in those big mirrors of how one looks when they wear it. We got the selected saree. So one saree down, and one more to go.

We decided to see the collections in both silk and designer silk. [Designer silk sarees are silk sarees that come with lot of work in it including glass, stones and chumki] We went to designer silk section and started to pull out one saree at a time and looked at it. The border design first, then the central pattern finally the color and lower border. Everything should match to their taste so that they would pick it. We started piling it on the table, suddenly we realized that the sales guy would not be visible on the other side if we continue. We were already two tea breaks down. :-) So we paused. End of day one.

Day two, we again went to the silk saree section and looked at more sarees. [Pack your bag with few cans of Red Bull] My job was simple, I have to say how the sareee looks. Frankly I loved all the sarees since it was so colorful. [No wonder the 24 bit true color RGB palette will not be sufficient] They got sarees in all the colors I have ever seen or can think of. So finally after looking at close to 90 odd sarees we narrowed down to 2 sarees. Since the shop had yellow lighting inside, we decided to get select the saree after looking it in day light. :-) They got an option to take it outside and see it. Selected the second one. (*claps*) Yay! We are done.

There is a row of chairs placed in the centre of that hall with its back facing each other. It was an interesting sight. Its for the men to rest and think about killing time. I saw faces that read "nothing". One guy was solving a whole book of Suduko, another baby sitting, another was looking at the roof and counting the bulbs.

Its Sunday afternoon by now. They also decided to get pattu vestti sattai (silk dhoti and shirt). Whoo! Finally I get my turn *grin*.

Me: Pattu vesti kaamiga!
(Show me silk dhoti, show me all designs you got!!!! I should at least look at half of what the bride looked)
Sales Guy: What color sir, White or Sandal?
Me: Sandal would be good.

Soon he picked one from the right hand corner and one from the rack below. Placed it in the table. I was still looking at the racks for more. He then made me look down at the two dhoti's shown. 
Me: Both looks good, are there more designs?
Sales Guy: Thats all. Only two designs. One with diamond border and another with wave border.
(Thunder on the groom's head)
Me: you're sure, its only two!
Sales Guy: yes

I choose one. Then I was told to get a silk towel with it. Then I turned to that guy and asked, "show me designs in silk towel". He replied, "no designs and all sir. There is only one, and it will fit with all."

(Bride from behind, "It seems like the choices are less". Groom wonders, "choices..") :)

Then we needed to get a silk shirt. Soon we were in the 3rd floor for the same. I did not have any hope in the shirts section, after the trauma in the dhoti's section. As expected, only two shirts were close to the dhothi's color. Rest were all like the ones I see in Ramarajan film including golden yellow, dark green etc. I choose one. End of shopping for the groom, and we clocked 15 minutes 20 seconds. :)

We were finally done with shopping in RMKV.

P.S. Men, everything within square brackets is FYA.


Anonymous said...

Abi!! What is this? You selected the saress in 1.5 days? Avlodhaana?

PS: This coming from someone who HATES shopping. The maximum time I can spend when it comes to shopping for my own clothes is 20 mins :D You should ask SS and see. He took me saree(for me) shopping one day and we were out of the shop in less than 20 mins,bag in hand and all that :D

Sankar said...

Eppadi Irundha Vijesh Ippadi Aayittan ;-)

Vijesh said...

Yes yes Sankar its the same Vijesh who wrote that. When time comes you will understand why! :)

P.S. Too many things in the equation...

Abirami Rajendran said...

@Everyone : Idhai naan vanmaya kandikiren. I chose my wedding saree in approximately seven minutes. The guy at RMKV was surprised and actually asked if I was choosing it for someone else.

As for the other saree, I had to ask my mom, my bro, my thalai ezhuthu aka fiance, mom in law and dad in law. The poll took some time, otherwise it was all fine and dandy.

And guys, how am I responsible if the shopkeepers decide that men are uninteresting and have only a limited collection?

So it goes to that the men's version of truth is a lot like them : Muddled.