Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Comments moderation policy

Well, recently the comments inflow increased in this blog (may be a hype). But I don't have a blog maintainer to take care of it. Also this being a public blog, I felt that moderating comments was bit redundant. So I'm removing the comments moderation on this blog (until further notification :D)

Got some more,
- The blog disclaimer holds good for any of the comments I write.
- The authors of the comment are *only and wholly* responsible for the comment and the owner of this blog will not take any responsibility.
- Anything the author feels is inappropriate in the comments, I hold full permission to remove the comment. I may or may not intimate the reason to the comment author.

Thank you for understanding.


Vijesh said...

Test comment..

Abirami Rajendran said...

Okay, it does appear like *you* will have to assume responsibility for the content in your blog and that seems to include comments. I'm not sure how effective a disclaimer might be, in this situation.

I'm all for moderation. If nothing, it gives you(and the author of the comment) one more chance to justify its presence in your blog.

Bottom line : If someone wrote a rude and abusive comment, it may / may not mean a suit, but it definitely makes a nice blog as this one stink.

You'll always have my two cents, even though I use your credit card shamelessly :D

Vijesh said...

Yeah, I have read that. Thats why I decided to moderate after its published (if needed). From my past experience its only less than 5% I needed to moderate.

Also only registered users are allowed. So that takes care of some filtering. :)

Anonymous said...

Such celebrity'nes I say! Both of you! Blog policy enna, comments moderation enna, private blog enna. Apppaappaapppaappaaa! Thaangala! :)

Amudhan said...

Hmm... Just FYI, in my junk blog, I get comments every once in a while that need to be rejected... most of the comments come from, I think, automated scripts about medicines (you can guess what type of medicines ;) ). But I am not sure whether it is automated or not someone does that. If it is automated, your word verification should be enough to handle that. Also, this is a test comment ;)

Amudhan said...

Hey... this is unfair :) My comment has not come. It still has to be moderated by you... am I missing anything here?

Vijesh said...

Oops! I think I mistakenly activated it again. Remember demoing comments-moderation and missed to bring it back to sane. I think you can avoid those medicines* by Captcha enabled.

* LoL