Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unfair world

V Sehwag        R-146   B-102   4s-17   6s-6    SR-143.13
TM Dilshan      R-160   B-124   4s-20   6s-3    SR-129.03
KC Sangakkara   R-90    B-43    4s-10   6s-5    SR-209.3

Sehwag takes the "Man of the Match". I agree that it was an entertaining innings from Sehwag, but Sanga was also equally great. If "Man of the Match" has to be from the winning team, I would have given it to Bajji for 10 overs. 5.8 rpo and 2 wickets or shared it between Zaheer and Nehra for the last spell. Keep aside all, just horning Dilshan innings would have made it share with Sehwag. Unfair...

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