Monday, December 7, 2009


A weekend I spent for myself in Bangalore after a long time. Yeah I had been travelling all the last four weekends attending weddings and getting personal work done (later about this :-P). You could have seen it from the previous photo posts.

The head count has also increased in our home to 8 after few old timers coming back. So it was time for fun and the Hangover. They stay proportional. The recent addiction was a card game called "Literature". Some guys does not like them to be challenged intellectually, so does all of them here in our home (Sigh!!). So this game was fun. Thinking hard, observation, recursing, remembering and reasoning are the keys of the game. So we almost came close to sunrise Friday night. So guess the hangover!

I should also confess all my debating talent rooted to my college free hours and this bachelor life here. We debate for all things that one can come across. After the last test match win against Srilanka, Sewagh has come into the firing line. Is his firing innings so necessary for Indian opening? Is 30/1 in 4 overs makes sense or 70/0 in 15 overs makes sense? Can a wicket be thrown away every time one tries to give his team a flying start. You want to voice out, write to us or comment on the post. We will include it. Another topic on Kamalhasan acting (duly censored for the benefit of blogs wellness) :)

Lastly I have been test driving the Canon EOS 500D with 18-55 lens. Thanks to Srihari. Its fun and I'm loving it.


Karthik said...

LOL @ Kamal Haasan stuffs... Santy, you are genius in coming up with those type of topics :)

Vijesh said...

Yup, he proves again that he is a Kamal fanatic. :)