Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It was an Emergency!

Those wheels moved with red horns, that tried telling or may be crying. But no one to listen since it was close to midnight. He should have been a scientist to exit that gate. Illuminated in white light, it was transparent inside. They were fixed looking down. They tried reaching some phone numbers, someone has to be woken up soon. He was at the far end and she was close to the door. We approached from behind. She tried reading who was behind with a numb face, but she could react a little. Her eyes were telling million things about him. He could have been her hero or may be more. She wanted silence as blanket to travel this mid-night spur. I know I'm nobody, but I wanted to tell, "He will be fine. Wish him the best."

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DK said...

Machi, not able to understand the context da, what is this exactly, lines written by someone special to you?