Monday, August 17, 2009

Photography: Avoiding camera shakes

Did you goof up the last night's birthday celebration photos or messed up one of your favourite portraits due to camera shake? The image became blurred, never mind. I really cannot guarantee you for a sharp click next time, but it can be largely avoided. I will try in my own K.I.S.S way! Thanks to Dwarak to start a cubicle side conversation on this.
Why does camera shake occur?
  • Primary reason is one shakes the camera when clicking the shutter button!
  • Low light could be another reason for the shake to occur. (Though this does not come under camera shake, its a reason for blurred images)
  • You should have kept the shutter speed less.
How to avoid camera shakes?
  • Practice and get used to your camera shutter button. Try to hold the camera in various ways and try clicking the shutter button. Since there might be a need to lie on the floor, in this case how will you hold the camera and click. At first someone looking at you practice might think something is wrong. :)
  • If you are clicking with your right hand, you can use the left hand as a base to place the camera. This will avoid camera shake in lot of way. Samples here.
  • Shakes can be very much reduced when you can keep the elbow in a stationary object. A table or a small projection should be good enough to keep your elbow.
  • Try to stick the view finder to the bone near your eyebrow. Keep it gentle, else it my hurt a bit.
  • If you have got a tummy, use it to your advantage by tucking in your elbow in it.
  • I practice holding my breathe for a few seconds when I click the shutter, It works for me for concentration as well avoid shakes.
  • Nothing work, invest on a tripod. :-)


ijustam said...

Good one..I go to an elevated place and with a 30 sec shutter speed.. try to trace the vehicles on a main road at night.. only to realize that I cant avoid the minuscule shakes that are bound to occur..! I don't think I'll get the intended shot without a tripod.. or without a better pair of hands!!!

Tom Praison said...

nice tips...

Vijesh said...

Agreed, but practice makes perfection. Nothing like an artist hands. :)

@Tom Thanks!