Friday, August 14, 2009

Cool headed

News is I'm back from Tirupathi and had a good Darshan. Thanks to the volunteers - who man handled people in the queue to take a break when we were there. Also tonsured my head during the holy visit. Hence here is the aftermath of being without something after many years!

- After taking bath, I tried adjusting my hair and ended up scratching my scalp.
- Esp when few girls got down from the adjacent bus, the hand auto magically goes to adjust the hair. :-) Chinna viyasu palakam.
- Some of my testimonials said, I was a cool head. Now I know.
- One of my roomie has more hair than me as on date.
- Its a bit awkward to see my own shadow, the curves look sexy on the head.
- Never knew a potential of a "Tamil film villain" within me. What to do, once in a while movies like Shivaji also get screened.
- Even committed the sin of touching the comb.


Tom Praison said...

Like to see a pic of the new avatar!!!!

Anonymous said...

Naeyae viruppam, pics please :P

ijustam said...

Welcome to the state of cool headedness vijesh!
I did it early in the year, because someone said offering your hair at Tirupati absolves you of your sins! Do sins stay on the hairs??

Vijesh said...

@Tom @Revs
God save your souls! Will try to get a shot.