Monday, August 17, 2009


A Chinese restaurant thats almost good to be recommended. After some little hesitation we decided to visit this restaurant over this weekend (yeah, my cook was on PL).

Name: Delicacy
Location: Use this map or take the road opposite to Maharaja hotel in Koramangala and the first left before smart. The entrance will look like this.
Food: Chinese
Capacity: Max 10 people can dine at one shot. Yeah only 10.

That last point was the only drawback I can think of. Food was tasting good and the price was very moderate when compared to its other cousins like China Perl, Yo China, Chung Wa. So worth the money you spend. Most importantly good service in the small place. Tried all veggies this time and they were good. But Non-Veg and sea food options were also available for most of the dishes.

So give it a try!

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