Monday, June 8, 2009


Unplanned, unorganized and unhealthy are the three tags I can quickly think of for my life. Bachelorhood is something that is so much fun in Bangalore, I don't think you get this liberty when you are married (unless you set the expectations right with your spouse). So when you get to enjoy this liberal life in Bangalore, things do not go as planned. It's too easy to spoil a good constitution.

They start right from the time one gets up, to eating habits and the kind of people you meet. Sleeping time and wake up routine goes haywire in Bangalore. Staying up late in office, or when a weekend arrives, there are plans for a late night movie or a night trek or a bike drive. Eating junk food is like an everyday activity in Bangalore. People pay so much to eat the burgers and roasted chicken. Hotels are overflowing on weekends. Do you brush two times a day? Should we, many might ask! Alcohol consumption should be the highest in these metros. There are lot of hotels that are open until 1 am in the morning.

Skewed prices in every step of your life. Auto rides cost you so much! Yesterday, I had been to MG Road for the movie and walked to a guy selling fried groundnut. I asked the price of this thin cone of groundnuts. He said 5 Rs, and the other fat cone costs 10 Rs. OMG, I guess he should pay more tax than me.

Not just you! You pass this way of life to your next generation of kids. A colleague had to admit his daughter to school for LKG. They paid tuition fee of 70,000 for an year for her LKG. They say it's so common to pay this much. S#&t,education has become so costly. In Chennai ,they pay around 50,000. Another colleague said, her daughter asks for a new bag for school every year. She claims, "Other kids bring new bags every term.. You are not getting me a new one at all!"

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Unknown said...

I suppose Q3 is per day! in your survey.


Vijesh said...

That is for one week.