Sunday, June 28, 2009

short trip to Tech

Its a great feel to walk across those blue gates wearing a round neck t-shirt and jean. :) Also not with a dumb indentification card hanging around one's neck. This time the watchman didn't stop me! Its always said that Tech will grow only vertically, and they are keeping up their word. Lot of changes after the flyover across the NH.
  • My favourite bike stand is removed and a 5 floor building is coming up. I will be the last one to run and hand over the token to the security and take my bike outside.
  • Another 5 floor class rooms (F-block) are fully functional over the canteen.
  • The production department industry is swept away and 4 floor class rooms are coming up. This means E-Block, M-Block (towards the far corner), J-Block, F-Block will be interconnected across in the 2nd floor.
  • One more new block is coming up in the industry area adjacent to canteen.
  • NMB has improved 3 folds and interesting you find girls inside. :P
  • VG mess is renamed. Guess someone acquired it. ;)
  • Roads are really spacious, but yeah no trees! :(
  • Some kind of ID card reader is placed at the CC, OCL doors.
  • More than all, a new arc has come up for the Management block. That will be the main entrance for PSG IMS and Hostel.

A locked HOD room, Green land, NMB tea and the Xerox shop are those that has not changed!


Ragha Prasad said...

ah. Nostalgia..
Felt good to read. Heard about this new arch, Started searching for Images and here it is! :)
Post more Pictures if you have some.

Vijesh said...

oops, I had only few photos. I think there are many juniors clicks floating on the web. I think in a month these clicks become obsolete, since look changes so soon with the new builds that are coming up.