Friday, June 20, 2008


She carried me!
She fed me!

She choose my first Birthday dress!

She tied my shoe lace every morning!
She scolded me when I was naughty!
She smiled and made me smile when I cried!
She fought for me when I got disturbed on my illness!
She happily posed with me when I grew above her shoulder!
She blessed me for a bright start!
She kissed me on my success!
She lends a shoulder when it matters most!
She guided me, on the right road!
She gave me character!
She took at most care that I don tarnish further!
She waits for me when I come back late!
She addicts me with some mouth watering food!

She even wrote my assignments!
She relentlessly comes out standing every single time, when I start off!
She is the one that I call everyday!
She holds the honor of longest ever friend I have!

Happy Birthday Meee (Mom)! Wondering if she is really growing old or still a kid! Love you!


srijithunni said...

Beautiful..! Well Written.

Vijesh said...

Thanks Srijith