Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here and There

6:45 AM
Vijay, Get up! No answer... Snooze for 5 mins. Yenga, see Vijay, ask him to get up! Vijay get up! Some distant sound of an exhaust fan and seethe of water sparkled over a hot pan. He starts to move and hides himself from the nearby window light using a towel.

zZZZzZZZ. No sound here! Just the circumvolving fan only contributer for sound.

7:15 AM
Volume increases! The pull over is pulled outside. Getup and hot water is ready! He starts guiding himself out of bed as though he had several rounds of tequila.

zZZZzZZZ. Still no movement here!

7:45 AM
Ah! Again idly is it? 4 in the plate vanish asap with some boiling onion sambar right from the stove. Do you need boost? No is the default answer. A quick scan of reminders to see if he was missing something. Now all set to go.

You need not guess! He's still sleeping.

8:00 AM
She stands at the top of the stairs and says, "Drive carefully". Via Saibaba colony, Gandipuram, Lakshmi mills, PSG Tech. Quickly he throws the bike in the parking, ah the same scooty is again near by. By the time he crosses xerox shop his eyes tried to do a search Green Maruthi, 6162. Its not there, heavy sign of releaif.

"Anybody there... Anybody there... Anybody there... Anybody there... Anybody there..." Ahhh slam that alarm god.

9:30 AM
Already feeling sleeply, next hour is more killing man!

Finally pulls down the geyser switch and out in a flash and ready to go! Oh no one more guy still there, get up get up.

10:30 AM
He goes over taking the professor! No no not for asking doubt but to get quick in the canteen queue for 2 tea and 1 pakooda. Heavenly and charged up.

Non moving traffic and multiple speed breakers makes him slow. By that time the play school is over and parents wait to collect their kids.

That's how I compare life on a morning...

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