Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flickr - KISS

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.

Lately I have been using Flickr heavily due to my serious hobby and the fact that my PicasaWeb account ran out of space. When I evaluated what Photo sharing site that I will upgrade, Flickr won with the only vote that it has unlimited storage and bandwidth. So I labeled myself as a Flickr user. I hated many things about it, its damm slow even in a good high speed connection, I cannot share my photos without explicitly sharing it. My viewer are never happy after I switched to Flickr. Changing the time of upload to maintain the photo order. One more annoyance today! I tired deleting some of the blurred an repeated images from my sets. Err look what happened..

Click1: Ok! I have selected the Photos, now delete them.

Click2: Oh yeah! The usual warning before doing an permanent action. Yes, I have given it a thought you can delete it.

Click 3: Hummm.. One more? Ok! May be a double confirmation for such an action. Just an extra click than the usual right, thats ok. Yeah, go ahead and delete it.

Click4: "really, really!" Whats happening here..

Oh! God. It deletes 20+20+20... photos.

Click5: "Thanks!" Errr.. For making me do those many extra clicks! Though such actions could be a rare done by users! Some really do it often and it becomes messy! Guess this part of the application again has to undergo an usability review.


Sankar said...

If picasa web account ran out of space, create a different gmail account and upload there.

Link all your albums by a single web-page via

However, I would've paid money for Picasa. Bcos, it is much faster, cleaner to use. And you can share the space with other google apps.

Vijesh said...

I find it hard to remember passwords for few of my online accounts. :( I have the bad habit of clicking "Forgot Password". Also Flickr had this huge huge user base where you can share your photos and get it reviewed.

Also Flickr forced me to take Pro account when Yahoo Photos was shutdown and they asked me to migrate from Yahoo Photos to Flickr. I had around 5000 odd class photos in that account. So when my trail period of Flickr got over, they locked all my photos and showed only the last 200 photos. :( I was asked to download/delete them to view the next 200 photos. But "Pro" account unlocked all photos.

Suneel Madhekar said...

I'm a flickr lover... Picassa is fast, no nonsense and good for sharing your photos quickly with family and friends. But flickr is much more than a simple photo-sharing site. Groups are a powerful concept in flickr that picassa lacks. I find the flickr interface clunky, but I still like flickr because it makes photography and photo-sharing a social experience.

Vijesh said...

True suneel 100% agreed. One of the major stake for Yahoo when the acquired Flickr was user base! That's the one big point that makes many users to stick on to Flickr. But Flickr does not seems to improve from its mistakes. User experience has not improved in terms of rendering and scalability. A wrong turn of including video capabilities to a photo sharing site. I wish it improves soon.

Vijesh said...

Yet another bad implementation in Flickr. Say you upload some photos (say 20) in a single stretch using the Flickr desktop uploader. I will say create a new "set" (set=folder) and put these photos there. The logic they use is upload all photos first and then create the set and add to it. So, If the upload fails in the 19th photo! Err no set will be created and you need to manually create a new set again and add these photos there.

Revathi said...

Why don't you guys try the Kodakgallery album. It is much faster, well organized and has unlimited space and has the all the hi tech tools available to enhance the natural beauty of the photos.

Vijesh said...

But I find it slow, with lot of adds and image size is small. Not sure how much it costs for a Pro account.