Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Days

Its about a movie and not any personal crap that I'm going to bore you with. My rommie got this Telugu movie (Happy Days) over his last visit to college. A perfect place to flick one. This is my best ever non-tamil South Indian movie I have ever watched. The character sketch, the college life was beautifully crafted. Rather making 10 movies that make your tear glands work over time, one such movie was really worth a million. No bad scenes in the name of youth, though the English teacher was over reacting. ;)

Humm, learn't a bit of Telugu too. Neeku intha movie chala chala istam aieunthu. :) The "may be..." faith of Tyson, was interesting. The way they meet and make friends, the seniors juniors fundus are a fitting addition to the movie. A must watch recommendation for all Tamil folks! Since Tamil movies of this sort are no where near it. :) If you haven't watched this movie, go grab your DVD's and have a jolly ride of each one's Happy days.


Sankar said...

>>>Since our college movies no were matches this. :)

Right ?

Vijesh said...


VV said...

Yep... one of the good movies in Telugu. Watched it long back :).

The songs are also too good in the movie.

Anonymous said...
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Vijesh said...

Yeah! Nice music score too. Guess it had bagged lot of awards too!

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Anonymous said...

Now a days you have become a good writer like RK Narayan, a famous english writer whose "Malgudi Days!" simply portrait his way of expression. In your earlier post about waiting in a Railway station, you had beautifully narrated the behavior of a rat under bridge.

Well here a little correction. It is no where near it.. not no were near it",

All the best to write more and more blogs


Vijesh said...

Thanks Dad! I should have taken my grammar lessons more seriously from you. :) Anyways, corrected.