Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tring Tring... Tring Tring...
Me: Hello Mii(pronunciation of Mom)
Mom: Hello, Vijay! How are you?
Me: Nice Mii, Life's good.
Mom: How is your friende?(meaning female friend)
Me: Yeah, whats for them! Everyone seems to be fine.
Mom: Oh! is it so...
Me: You know them all right, what then.
Mom: But you should have caught some special friende by this time in Bangalore.
Me: Come on! Why would I hide it from you.
Me: Serious mi.. belive me. :)

Later had a long conversation with one of my friend on some serious topic. I know you should have almost guessed from most of them above. But we did cover a who lot of the spectrum. Yeah its on Love, Infatuation, Commitment, Arranged Marriage, Which one will be secure, For what will your parents support, How does a guys life change after getting married, How does a girl change her life after marriage, what the right age for having a child, lush that happens after engagement, how to handle successful and unsuccessful wedding, how is the search for bride and bridegroom dependent on some crazy string matching algorithm that runs across the matrimony websites, digging the person's profiles in orkut to blogger to corporate profiles. What not.

I assume it will take a day for me to write down the whole conversation. My work also wont allow me to do so. To keep it simple, "Be yourself!"


Abirami Rajendran said...

:),I thought bharath was the one to be teased.One more addition to the list,huh?

Vijesh said...

Oh I din know you want us to add you to his list. Anyway welcome. Give some info about him, I will polish them to be presentable data points.