Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nambikai Dhesam - Poetry

Nambikai Dhesam, is a collection of small Tamil poetry authored and compiled by Dr. Arumuganathan. Dr. Arumuganathan is a professor, PSG College of Technology. He is one among the most respected and I'm an adoring fan of his probability, I still remember his class on 'Queuing Models'. He is also famous for his role of Hostel warden. Here is one other endowment from his life, 'A collection of Poetry'.

On a brief note from Damodarakannan, It book seems to reflect small aspects from college life and day to day happening. A very good read for Tamil lovers. The book was released March 25 and you can have a glimpse here.

The dear thing about this book is the money raised by selling the book, will be for a charity. Hats off. You can comment on this post or call (9900185925/Varunkumar: 9342945288) to get a copy of the book and its CD for Rs. 50.


Anonymous said...

Nambikai Dhesam - Poetry. Good. Nice.
Nalla thelivana arrtham. "Tholvi....
... Himalaya Vetri" azhagana arrtham.
Ippodhu ulla boys or girls rasanai idhu alla. Ungaludaya Tamil Patru Vazhga Valarga. Tamil Kavithaigal oru
surangam, niraya thedungal. vazhkkai
anubavam anaithum tamil-l adhigam.
Thaniyaga vazhndhu parkka vendam.
Tamil PADDITHALE podhum.
Vazhga Valamudan. - By Friend. Philosopher. Guide.

Vijesh said...

Thanks - Friend. Philosopher. Guide.

But you obviously what would be my question?

srijithunni said...

Count me in, Me too a fan..! :)