Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome to Bangalore

Yesterday evening I returned from office and wanted to try some different food. So Juice Junction's noodles came to my mind. (sick.. a noodles for a change..) I ordered one and was waiting for my order. Mean while I inquisitively noted a guy near by,

He had also returned from office. He was in a formal black pant with full sleeve cream shirt, it was buttoned till his wrist. His shirt tucked in and was standing inside a new woodland shoes, I can notice that it only walked few steps. There he had his new laptop bag with a new t-shirt sprouting out (saying today was my induction) . His hair was well oiled (he did his homework well). A blaring bike on the road soon caught his attention. His dropped head looking at his snack and completing it. At the end came his wallet where money was counted and then taken out. :-)

Yet another engineer ready to swim along! Welcome to Bangalore!


Vishnu said...

nice :)
My Warm Welcome for HIM to Bangalore :)

Natraj M said...

When did juice junction start serving noodles??

Vijesh said...

good question. Actually I din keep track of the exact date. but I rem its been for more than 6 months