Friday, September 16, 2005

Who am I?

Me. Ok, Let me put it this way.
Those who know about me this is usual repeating stuff. For those who do not, here it is!

I'm Lean :), dark, tall and offcourse handsome too (It reminds me of Vivek's mom. Thanks Aunty for your praising!). A person dreaming of what all he cannot do. Sportive and passionate about achieving something. Now a days tend to spend more time in sleeping. Like to be home alone and live in my own world! Right now creating this blog.

Let me not bore you all. Always intrested in FrienDs.

Lets kick start something!


redthil said...

just wondering how many of them still holds true... :)

Vijesh said...

Wow, my first few post.. its been years since reading them.. :)

yeah few still holds good.. :P