Monday, September 26, 2005

My small cricketing Career!

As mentioned earlier, I joined my school cricket team in my 9th. Then in 10th lots of the big names in the team passed out after their 12th STD. So its the young boys to take charge. There were 4 quickies in the team then. Myself, karthi, Vinod, another one right hander. That year our school was the host of the games. So its our home ground. To be frank, it was a bad and small ground. A chip in the leg side will fetch a six. Rightly to be said as the Batsman's paradise. One big boot was our entire school was behind us including the staff, which was a moral boost for us. I remember our team wore a yellow tops for the game.

It was a one day event. League in the morning and finale by the end. 6 teams were there, I think. In spite we being the host we were the team to play most matches. We won the first one in ease. The other team did not have a good bowling attack and our batsman's took the match in ease. Then the lunch in annapoorna. Man good place to have a lunch, but keeping the upcoming matches behind my head, I ate little. Then it was the semi's our second match. It was said that team was a tough one to be beaten. But...

We are to bat first and put up a decent score on the boards. Surprisingly in spite there being 2 better pace bowlers in my team. I was given the second over :-). The entire atmosphere suited me. The ground, the mat (on which we bowl), the view of the batman from the bowling end. All was familiar to me. So all made to go well. I'm not sure about the exact stats. But believe me. My captain had faith on me. Then my magic second spell. I hope by that time 3 wickets had fallen. First ball was a dot ball. Went back, got the ball had my usual breath out to relax myself and started my run up. It was a straight ball, batman misjudged it, there flew his sticks. One down, I was not spirited with energy, then my next ball. Right in the block hole. Bang !!! flew his sticks. Then came the roar from my school crowd behind the wicket. Now everyone were excited! Then again for the next ball. I over stretched myself and just missed the batsman's pad to the leg side. Declared a wide. :-( Missed my hattrick. Then have to re bowl the ball. I collected myself, made me think that "I took no wickets". then bowled the ball. Good length, batsman misses it, again the sticks. Since it hit the top of the wood, the sticks travelled a few yards back. Ya! Wow. Three consecutive wickets. So a hatrick in my small career. I remember me making a huge run to the crowd and price(sir) was leading them. It was a memorable match which we won.

Keeping in mind we went to the finals. Again a good competitive team. We batted first for a decent score. Then to bowl. As usual I was given to open the bowling. Also it was getting late. So the overs were reduced to 8 I suppose. So 2 over quota for each bowler :(. I had the second over and then the last over. In between other bowlers backed up doing their job as directed. Oops last over and 7 runs to lose the game/tournament. Having confidence in me, captain gave me the ball to bowl. Tidy quick over, pitched up the ball well. "Did we win?" Yes was the answer. Running out in joy and screaming around all the campus.

That day evening I carried home the trophy. I had to return it to be kept in games room. Happy moments for me.

Memories and Fun:
Once, Suresh(sir) came along to the area where we were practicing. He gave a comment that "Karthik's batting style, looks like that of Rahul Dravid". Yeskay was flattered.
Ajay(thopai), during the evening when we were playing. He faced me for a ball. That was a cork ball and not a stitch cork. Unfortunately I lost the control of the ball and it went as a beemer to him. Without cleverly moving away, he tried some gilly pull shot. Sorry, he only tried, But missed the ball. The ball landed right on his left eye :(. Nothing was serious, but he had a black circle around his eyes soon after that. Remember Arjun used to laugh like hell when he hears this.
Bharath(sorry for him). During selection I suppose, He had to face my ball. I pushed the ball well inn. It went in a flash and hit his ribbs. He was down. Nothing was serious.
Next Charles, great fielder. I remember he using both his hands once, I mean throwing the ball.
Arun J Raja. Great wicky. It was too painful for him to collect balls from all the quickies in the team. some times shares his burden with charles.
Samyraj, stylish left hander and skipper when were on 12th.

Also the next consecutive year, we lost the tournament. but need not talk about that...


Unknown said...

yeah...i remember that hattrick! you did all the trick for us man! It surely was an unbelievable spell!

Vijesh said...

Yeah Karthi. I still remember those days! you were our Dravid. :)