Saturday, September 17, 2005

Primary Eduction!

Did I have one?

WELL, I did. By shifting lots of schools. Remember I started with Avanishilingam kinder garden section. The best place to go, Morning some rythymic ABCDs, then afternoon a good lunch and we have to sleep in the school itself. Then return home. I wounder why they don follow this every where... :-)

NEXT to Don Bose Co for my LKG, Next my Lisieux. From UKG to 2nd STD, I remember that during the first few years it was Co-education school. No guesses, it then got separated to Avila convent (if I'm right). Then only for my 3rd STD I was admitted in "Ideal" a rural school. Only reason I was sent there was because my neighborhood friend was studying there. It was my only co-education schooling. I even stagged a group dance with my friends. Good one, but didnt last long for me. Again I was shifted back to Lisieux for my 4th STD. I can remember my social madam Azhil (I'm spelling it wrong), she used to be a terror for my those days. When she enters the class, I leave the class. I was an out standing student during that time. Princi used to come rounds and catch hold of me. Lots of Mischief. I was an outstanding person at my class. :P Also still remember those lunch session where I love the curd rice that Abinav brings and he took my carrier. I never liked going to school, (may be realised that, Class rooms dull your mind) tough job the hands of my dad who used to drag me for the school bus in the Morning. But hard luck every day, the school bus that crosses my stopping ("Housing Unit") by 7:30 but again comes back in the same route in another 15 mins. Many a times, I had to cross the road and then pushed into the bus. :)

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