Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Post Diwali, I had been pre-occupied with so much of thought and work. Yeah had lot of mails to send, many reminders and TODO slips hanging out. Somehow managed to progress a little. Still a long way to go. Also an unplanned flu disturbs a lot. Apart from being sick, two sad part of the flu was that I was not able to donate blood since I had antibiotics within one week of the donation. Also had to miss a travel too since my host said, "I'm not supposed to travel when I'm not fully recovered."

I had so many things to write here, but I did not have time when I wanted to write and I don remember what I wanted to write now. Apart from twitter, facebook, Google reader and blog updates I had not been doing anything for myself. Apart from the movie I did watch last Sunday! So planning to take some time off and spend them for me and see what I can do to keep me interested. So that means I would spam less on all the social networking update boards.

November seems to be a month of Wedding. I got 4 weddings to attend and that simply means 4 weeks of continious travel. So a break seems mandatory!

Some reason Youtube recommended this video and I loved watching it again & again. :)

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Nice video...