Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ScribblinG turns 4 today

Time runs fast and here this very own blog of mine turns 4 years today. Happy Birthday ScribblinG! Yeah it seems sane to me to wish this page Happy Birthday year after year. It was so much part of me all the way.

I always wanted to have a page of mine out there on the web. Even with limited and high cost in affordability of Internet, I did have a page in geocities (but geocities is already history and I'm not able to trace my page back). Thanks to Google and Blogger, things got simpler and I created this blog during my internship in Intel. Started writing many rants and became a serious hobby. In fact it was a space for me.

Those rants, travelogue, sports, photography, poems, videos, minima template and lot more have always given me so much fun. I gained many friends and critiques through this very own page. Personally I improved on my writing.

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Once again where ever you are Thanks for being a Reader!


VV said...
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Varunkumar Nagarajan said...

Great! Keep writing! :-)

redthil said...

congrats and wishes.. dont really know what to say in the above two words.. so take both.. and keep goin... still lot more to come and lot more to share... ;)

Abt that geocities, i too share the same fate :( so, tryin to find an alternative, still searching..

Karthik said...

Happy Birthday!!! Calls for a treat rather toast ;)

divya said...

many congratulations :) treat polam :)

Amudhan said...

Great Vijesh! I will get the treat on the 10th birthday :)

Abirami Rajendran said...

many congrats :)

Amudhan said...

Hi Vijesh,

A request from your fan. Please enable archives in your blog. If I want to search an old post, it seems impossible. Also, I request you to have the archive which is in Tree structure, where as, you can also view the headings of the post (if you want to see an example, please check my blog :) ). I wanted to find the post which you have written about Thatkal, but I couldn't.


Vijesh said...

Fan, light nu periya periya varithai eallam pesaringa.. :)

Anyways I updated the archives section. Just see if label TRAIN or IRCTC help you in getting what you wanted.

Amudhan said...

Gotcha! thanks... this is the post I was looking for : :)

Resonator said...

Happy Birthday Scribbling..:)

happy blogging

Kuppuraj R said...

Happy Birthday Scribbling!!
Many more Happy Returns of the

Vijesh said...


@Red - any luck?
@Divya - Good to see you still reading..
@Abirami - Ma look, I got celebrities coming here.
and Dad. :)