Monday, September 28, 2009

A debate

We are a good bunch of *bachelor* nerds at out home in Bangalore. We spend time at home, reading, laptop, movies, cooking and chatting. Some days we get to a big debates on certain topics, just because of the topic or for the sake of argument. But its fun always. Yesterday we even recollected the big debates we had during the last 5-6 years. Some interesting topics include:

Love marriage ↔ arranged marriage.
Usability of Windows ↔ Flexibility of Linux
Rajini ↔ Kamal
Sensible age for the girl/guy to get married
Illayaraja ↔ AR Rehman
Illayathalapthi Vijay a mass hero or a massive zero

I really cannot trace how it started, But two groups got divided based on the discussion on, "Spending huge on wedding saree a must or its material wastage".

One group claimed that its a traditional thing that many families wanted to follow. It becomes a pride & prestige factor when it comes to a wedding gathering when your relatives and friends have gathered. Wedding is an one time occasion for many Indian families and whats the problem in not making that grand. Many people have the money to spend on it, hence they do it.

The other group seems very calculative, whats the amount spent on that saree? How many occasions does the girl wear the saree again? If its just the grandness that its expected out of the saree it could have been got from a nominal cost saree. Is there a resale of that saree? Including the maintenance cost of the saree in a longer run, its not worth the money spent. Instead of spending in materials like this it could be spent on Gold which appreciates in value. Its like procuring an elephant for one ride.



Amudhan said...

Good topic... but why, you bachelors, discussed about sarees??? :D you could have discussed about "pattu vesti" :)

But if you spend money on Sarees, whether it is materially useful or not, but mentally, it would be useful I think. You spend money on costly sarees, it will keep the spouse happy and you get good peaceful time in home...

"Peace at any price" right? So, spending money for saree is a 'Go!' from my side, for this particular reason...

But I was shocked how come you debated that Ilaya thalavali is a massive hero??? Who would discuss for this topic? I want to see them, not to discuss, but I am just curious ;)

Vijesh said...

Why did we discuss about saree??
>>Simply because of its cost. :) Its no were near to vesti..

Do you think will it please and bring peace at home because of that Cooostly pattu podavai.. nope, it will only mute the volume for one day! next day there will be another new unique cause. :)

Oh boy! there is one hard core fan of Vijay who would die for fdfs (First day first show) of him. Also he cont to argue that the hero and his dad dissolving the most famous movie spoof team "lollu sabha" was correct :P So it would be fun all time!

Amudhan said...

hehe... we both discuss as though we face such issues (saree) issues daily :D

man, I envy you... you have got a permanent entertainment with you :) to discuss Ilaya Thala Vali movies :D

Vijesh said...

Yeah Amudhan 24x7 :)

Jayakumar said...

I usually like "one-liners' very much. And this time - "Its like procuring an elephant for one ride"

good topic vijesh, indeed.

Vijesh said...

Thanks Jayyy! :-)