Friday, September 18, 2009


If I was David Shepherd, I would have done the hop, skip and jump for this post. Yeah as the title says its 333'rd post here or at least close to it including the hidden drafts. :)

Sometimes its good to avoid writing when its not so pleasant. After The hyper active brain that disobeys to rest during sleep. When characters around your life starts to overlap and cross boundaries. One would feel almost drained when the alarm blares early morning. Some day,
Nallaval/Vallaval Friend: hey
me: yea
Nallaval/Vallaval Friend: do u know any counsellor/psychologist?
me: no, I will be searching for one soon..
Nallaval/Vallaval Friend: lol

Today I did a reality check by playing football (that too in rain). Approximately after 3 years and literally my tongue was hanging outside at half time. Right calf muscles had cramped already! Its fun you know, I keep telling all that I played football today like I'm doing here. My roomie said, "Dei you have already told it twice to me! Let me see if you play it continuously for a week."

Been to Login 2009 (my department's annual technical symposium) last weekend and it was interesting to meet many faculties. Thanks to Arumuganathan Sir for his good feedback on my blog. It motivates!! Dinner stand up meeting with HOD and many other faculty. Not much change, except for the college buildings that have occupied every square meter of the campus.

I recently discovered a phobia of missed calls. Searched the phobia's official and seems like its not named yet. May be not many cases were reported. May be I will suggest a name like miscalphobia.

Had been learning cooking from my cook for my survival skills. :-) Will share them soon.


Amudhan said...

The proper name for the phobia for missed call would be: missedcallophobie

without the 'o', it wont sound well :)

I have a phobia of attending calls from unknown number and calling an unknown person (for example customer care, etc.). Please name them properly now!

Vijesh said...

how about attendunknownumberophobia :-) Huh long one!

Amudhan said...

Don't worry about the size of the name of the phobia. It is very reasonable.

If you are still not convinced, try to read this phobia: Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia :D


Vijesh said...

@amudhan I'm not able to pronounce it. Someone one should have formed that word after 7th round :D