Friday, April 11, 2008

Friends, but we fight

Yet another reason why Bangalore will not be my final destination.

Yes, Karnataka and Tamilnadu are two neighboring states. But they dispute over many things, the latest one is Hogenakal issue. A reflection of mood in Bangalore is this, I could see a poster worker coming and pasting *Adult* film posters upon Tamil movie posters on the walls.

Check these photos and another experience of Rohini.


Anonymous said...

Vijesh, I have read your blogs intermittantly... but this one has tried to move me. But I see only Tamil speaking people, living in Bangalore, crib about this... Kannadigas in Chennai or rest of TN dont.. Such a wierd situation.

Finally, the guy who stuck the poster might have dont it with no intentions, it might have just been a coincidence.. Hopefully.

Vijesh said...

I was more than 50% sure that he was intentional in sticking the posters. He stuck it only over name of the film printed in tamil and on the actors face. Anyways its not a topic of discussion.

I guess the condition of other state ppl in tamilnadu is much better that they can have a good life in those cities. A simple instance, as we know Bangalore in one of the known International IT hub. But who are the routes of places written in public transport buses all are in the local language. They could have adopted English long back. :)

Anonymous said...


That's right.. But there is a different angle to seeing this.. It might be a support to develop the local language... For instance, all the developed nations practice and preach in thier mother tongue, unlike India..

I do not agree with this point alone.. [;)] Buses routed in Kannada or Tamil or Hindi or any language for that matter is good.

Vijesh said...

Happy to update that I noticed a BMTC bus with the complete route written in the both Kannada and English side by side. They started to adopt themselves!