Monday, December 31, 2007

Nostalgic Weekend – PSG Tech DOMCA Alumni meet

December 29th and 30th had been marked as two exciting and important days in many of our calendar. No guess why? Department of Mathematics and Computer Applications (DOMCA) held their Alumni meet. Most of us got the news few months back from our beloved HOD when we went there for Login 2007 as guests. Ticket booking and preparation :-P started for many asap.

In these two days we rejoiced most of our memories from meeting our 3rd God guru (teachers), evening entertainment, hostel cricket and a nice small one day trip served with instant dosa, malagai bajji, vaalakai bajji, onion pakoda and some delicious chicken biryani. Not last but, meeting my beloved class friends. We relived those good old days.

A note of thanks, to all faculty members, dear DOMCA juniors who made arrangement for every sec of this meet. Also a special thanks to the senior Alumni’s who filled our stomach with some delicious food.

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