Saturday, December 22, 2007

Skandagiri Trek

On Cloud 9.

Skandagiri trek or famously called as the Moon Light Trek is small trek that all nerds can try out. Skandagiri or Kalavaarahalli betta is 70 kms from Bangalore near Chikkaballapur. Take a left from main road and head straight hit the end, take left hit the end, take left again to hit the foot hill. If its going to be a night trek, a guide is advisable (bargain your rates with them). Carry a white light torch (since yellow light does not penetrate fog/mist much) with good batteries. Carry snacks and water. The climb is less than 2hrs even for a new trekker. Reach the top before sunlight, to witness the amazing spectacle. Though we did not watch the sunrise properly due to heavy December fog, we had our own nature's artistic movements. I feel March would be a good time to visit.

The cloud cover that surrounds the top is a spectacle to watch. A heavy meal for photographers.


Srihari said...

I guess you are on a roll going for trekking. You must missing your dear one !!! Your Canon S3IS , which is just on its way to India.

Vijesh said...

Yup, it would have been a double bonanza with it. Still there is always a second chance!

Anonymous said...

We r planning for a moonlight trek, but unsure about finding a guide for the trek, Can you pls give the number of guides if you have or where to find them.


Vijesh said...

I guess you will find ample amount of guide on the way to the base check post! Only thing is that you need to negotiate the rates with them. But its always advised to have one.

Happy Trekking. Make things greener...