Monday, July 30, 2007

BCB4 log

Yes, Barcampbangalore4.

Oh! for the people who are hearing it for the first time. Let me clear a few, it got noting to do with Bar's in Bangalore intended to throw a big beer party out there. In simple its an unconference, one of its kind. Still confusing is it? Its an open gathering of people with similar interests to share, discuss, learn and have fun. This was my first Barcamp in Bangalore. Here is my unconference logs.

Friday, July 27:
20:00 - I was supposed to go alone for it, but now I found company.
22:00 - Bored at home with my Sh** hathway broadband connection. Called my friend and tell her how excited I'm about next two days.

Saturday, July 28:
07:00 - Woke up! Never felt so great to get up so soon on a Saturday morning. I will curse my mobile if it wakes me up soon.
08:40 - Drove through the moderate traffic Banergatta road and reached IIMB.
08:45 - Security check. First verification for the Unconference.
09:00 - It was nice to meet one of my earlier Intel friends to stand right in the reception. Also meet Vishnu who came there to talk in the Mobile Collective. Good, few known faces.
10:00 - Let the unconference begin, No welcome address, so chief guest, no lighting of the kuthu velaku as we followed for our house warming ceremony. But it was all informal fun. Random ppl came there and spoke about themselves and what they are looking out in the Barcamp. The turn out to this barcamp was the highest ~550. Some thoughts were from Advanced Programming languages to a low cost dating model. :)
11:00 - A main attraction for me was the Bloggers collective. To brief on this collective it was to discuss on blogging, bloggers and more blogging. Had session on Podcast by Sridhar, Blogging platforms by AJ, How to make your blog popular by Umesh, Firefox widgets by Jerry, interesting sessions on Mobile Blogging and photo blogging by Arun and SEO by Events Bangalore Tejish. Thanks to Sanjuktha to make it all possible with her nice leadership.
14:00 - Break for lunch, Collectives did not stop there. Food Collective made up a ranking board asking for best pubs to restaurants in Bangalore. Interesting to people right.
15:00 - IIMB hostel. I meet my school buddy Anith after 5 long years. Had a nice chat with him recollecting school stories and learning a more on IIM :P
16:00 - Approx the Photography collective gathered so called a stand up meeting. Lots of tips was given by Venky, Hari, Balaji, Jace and many more. Venky spoke about street photography. Kinds of camera right from mobiles to DSLR's. Also lots of human expressions were clicked. Before this I joined the bikers collective near Cafe Coffee day to know more about biking and kinds of bikes. Firefox, trex and more. Chennai favorite Kiruba was there.
18:00 - Unband. One of the best collective. Shourya & Jayanth rock in the strings.

This was day one for me! I really tried to connect and post this on Saturday night. But as usual hathway screwed me up with the entire night. No option other than to sleep after some refreshing data structures (def not for me).

Sunday, June 29:
08:30 - Left home for another day @ BCB4. This time too we landed up early and unconference began late.
11:00 - First session that interested me was by Ashwin. "What all rules can we break to make a start up!" . Nice idea shared by Ashwin. Who is an inspiring person for every young blood out there.
12:00 - Adobe Air by our low cost dating model inventor. he demonstrated few of the cool technologies. But trust me, he disappointed me. Some how the session was suppose to cover on Google gears also to go with the title. but he din look into that.
13:00 - Early lunch today. Instead of the canteen, they took us to the lawn. Better food than yesterday. Then went around the campus and clicked a walls, trees and people. Then vivek and his friends invited too see the water tank of IIMB. On the way to water tank we felt why its hard to concentrate and study in IIMB LoL. Rest on water tank is ...
15:00 - One of the interesting talks I was listening, was Mobile blogging and photo blogging by our respected most God father of BCB4 Arun. Thanks Arun, still I have a pending activity of changing your Photo Blog look & feel as u asked for.
16:00 - Another interesting speaker, Umesh who spoke on how to make your blog more popular. The theme on his session was simplicity. He did not talk about technocrati or SEO, its was a KISS (Keep it simple stupid).
17:00 - One of the last session I attended also my favorite Photography collective. Again Venky led the way talking on theme photography. Hari spoke on ISO, Night photography, Firework photography etc. Also they shared a lot of photos which were really cool with post processing.
18:00 - Concluding the unconference. Again lots of noise, clicks and people. We will meet again this November.

Thanks to all, who made this possible! BCB Rocks!
More to write, time and tide wait for none.


Puthali said...

looks like u had a real nice weekend! :) does this mean, you will be a voracious blogger frm now on? ;)

Vijesh said...

Humm time got an answer for it. :)

Natraj M said...

nice write up dude....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Tom Praison said...

feeling that i missed it..

Vijesh said...

Thanks. Humm yours also was interesting.

I would be covering more about your speech in coming posts.

Never late, you can attend the next camp in November. Watch out my spaces for an update!

Srihari said...

@vijesh the next time such a thing happens just try to go present something from your side as well as part of the unconference...

Vijesh said...

Initially I din have an idea about how these sessions are organized. But then on Saturday night I though of taking a session on Google gears! But the Hathway net connection at home screwed me up that night. :)

Anonymous said...

After the barcamp and showing some photos other flocks interested in it, but what to do, wait until November!!

VV said...
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Vijesh said...

Its a worthy wait till november

All U got to do is keep watching this space! ;)