Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

"A Friday occurring on the 13th day of any month is considered to be a day of bad luck in English, German, Polish and Portuguese-speaking cultures around the globe." says the wiki. Paraskavedekatriaphobia - Fear of Friday the 13th. Not only an ancient belief, but a technical background too in the form of a Computer Virus. Here is MaAfee report.

But here in bangalore, yet another friday. Sky is gloomy as ever without the sun. People are getting lazy & lazy day by day (inc). Still 3 young guys are breaking these bariers and getting ready to rock & roll on this day. Btw what could be the occation? Is it a wedding? - No they are not old enough to tie the knot or few din find the right match yet. Is it some one's birthday? - No. What else, are they venturing out with a new company? - Not now, may be future has an answer! So what is it then. Well its their "House Warming Ceremony". Yes we have rented out a newly built house in the heart of the city "Koramangala". So they decided to follow the tradition! Also managed to ramp up with an e-invite in minuites.

So its all now left for it to happen. Hoping to expect a decent crowd for the occasion. Hoping that this would be an unoffical get-together. :) Lots of work is being done on getting the dinner menu ready! Arranging for a photographer! Milk - Key item. Even leaving office early today to kick of the work.

Also there have been lot of rumors from untrused sources that this might be a big Joke, etc etc. But we will prove them all wrong today evening. One final note we got this idea and inspirations from this this & this.

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Lot of you asked for an update. So here it is. To be frank I was proved wrong! Or the last 3 this's were proved wrong. The house warming ceremony was auspiciously done by Gopal's parents. As put in the agenda milk was boiled. Chief guest was there. We do have photos and videos, which will be uploaded and shared soon. Btw anybody can check into the house anytime, were you are welcomed with warm heart and served good food. ;)


VV said...

if i had been there i wud come atleast for the dinner... :)

The Pensieve said...

Update on the house warming ceremony celebrations?? :)

Puthali said...

as da other person commented, whrz da update? :)
'n yeah nice to come across another blogger...'n i see you have been blogging frm 2005! btw how did u come across mine?
'n yeah both ur blogs are added to my Reader, so now on you can xpect to see more comments from my side... :)