Friday, July 6, 2007

Super Singer

Thumbs down!

A search for the best voice talent in state! Super Singer - Junior. A very good creative show to showcase every hidden talent. This is second in the row, followed by Super singer comprising for all category. I had not been in constant touch with the show. Now that this Super singer junior has reached its finals! Nice to see all those kids perform with their gifted voice. The jury giving their valuable feedback etc etc.

But, I see a annoying side of the programme. The explicit showing of the emotional ups & downs they undergo. Right from the beginning till the finale this is happening. The way those small kids cry of failure, their parents prayers with tears, brothers, sisters. Such shows now more concentrate on that aspect of the programme more than the actual telecast. An unnecessary intro to few children happened even before they sang the first song in the audition. These emotions are also a strong reason of the commercial success of these programmes which is inevitable. Even if they don't eliminate at least the organizers can reduce them in future esp with children!

But Star Vijay TV's efforts in such new ventures is creditable. Lots of new programmes are being introduced and are being duped by rival channels. But Vijay TV play a major stake in reality shows and such talent hunts.

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Anonymous said...

It is the natural gift of god that everybody has a talent to sing.

Good effort. Your language is good
keep it up.

Vijay said...

Basically every field is the same way tough... take for ex cricket which we can relate to.. Emotions run ghastly in it.. talent + money + recommendations etc etc play a part in a budding cricketers life.. but here it is pure talent.. when you rely only on talent everyone around u wants to know if u r talented enough to win.. emotions are a part here too and every kid has to be evaluated based on his/her talent... What vijay TV has done is absolutely right in showing his/her preparations and what his parents feel for the kid. Prayers are just natural for any occasion. Good mention of the program. Vijay TV needs recognition.

Vijesh said...

Agreed Vijay! Emotions are to be shown since its a part of the preparations/ongoing show itself. But what percent of it. Just take a deeper look at it.

Vijay TV should be using them as part of the show, just a part. But then they are commercializing this aspect. The emotional scene are telecasted at slower frame rates, rolling the camera around the kid when they has failed. Since there are indeed lot good aspects to be shown (which indeed they do) like taking them to senior singer's, training them, comments, tips, motivation. Its not that they just showcase their talent, also help to groom them.

Srihari said...

For anything to keep it going good till the end , u need to emotionally attach people to watch such reality shows..

But u need to realise the opportunities that these young kids are getting rite now , at the age of 13 , 14 .. hats off to them and it is really a great effort on part of Star Vijay to showcase such young talents ..

Good programmes need recogintion and star Vijay is on correct path and attracting more audience of all ages..

But watever said , iam still doubting on the people who compete ..I dont think the talent pool is properly selected , iam not questioning the quality of the current finalists , or the winnerx , but we see that people from chennai getting the larger cake to eat than others ;)

But u normally dont see people from other parts of Tamil nadu reaching the final rounds ???Does any1 have an answer for this ??

Anonymous said...

Yes there is internal politics! I heard abt it, since there are participants from the music class of some of the Jury!
At time its told they are biased. Also the programme organizers will have a commercial view on the things happening. Whom to be in/out!

Anonymous said...

>> Lots of new programmers are being introduced

Programmes :)

Vijesh said...

Thanks for the correction! :)

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