Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nandi Hills

Yesterday we had a trip to Nandi Hills, 60Kms from Bangalore. Morning mist was good, the roads were good. For all Bikers of Bangalore, its the first place to try out. We had the usual fun. It was interesting too. Also we managed food to be backed from my class girls house, only during lunch time we realized instead we could have gently starved. LoL :) Keeping it short, slide show tell you more!

~Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!~


Vijay said...

(Summer && Fog) is true only in this... these photos are the Proof of a gr8 time i guess.. ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nandhi Hill trip photos are nice to see. It is the right time to enjoy the youth. So enjoy the life but with limited restrictions. Always have a lakshman raka to remind you not to do certain things. This keeps you to grow bigger and bigger.


Vijesh said...

Thanks all.
Btw kavitha do I know you?

Triv said...

Pradeep looks very hot and sexy