Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I want to write many thing but where do I start. Ok let me put them in the chronological order!

Date: 25th May 2007
Place: Madiwala
I was to board the bus from Bangalore to Coimbatore. Due to the heavy pour in the evening buses arrived late. Until then it was supposed to be a boring 60 minutes standing there. But then I noted the things around me and entertained myself. First thing I found mobile phone users. For every 10 person standing there 4 of them are talking in their mobiles. Talking with, their loved once, some engineers still helping & directing their colleges to fix bugs, some call their parents and inform their safe arrival to the bus stand and their arrival time to their home town and some even call random friends and have a talk with them to pass time. Next time try to observe people. :) Its fun.

Date: 28th May 2007
Place: Q-angle, PSG College of Technology
A most memorable day for us! We graduated on this day! We were declared as degree holders and took a pledge. I would never feel like saying our days in Tech soil are over. Its just a change in designation from Student to Alumnus. The Vice Chairman of Cognizant preceded over the function. Photos uploading delayed.

Date:30th May 2007
Place: Microsoft
My feed reader said, Microsoft Surface has been announced. With the usual inquisitiveness I opened a new tab. Once I went to all the presentations and navigated the site, I would say Microsoft Surface has taken users beyond their expectations. Its awesome. Do check out and find more. Yet another fancy stuff from Redmond after Photosynth is this.

Date: 31st May 2007
Place: Bangalore
Yet another designation change! New challenges, new crew!


SushMira said...

good one vijesh!!!...
Mee to feeling nostalgic about the gone days ...Nice fun we had :-)
stay in touch!!!

Vijay said...

Surface is going to rule... have a look at this

Also microsoft have released the popfly alpha... looks cool but we need to know things in more detail to understand and appriciate their efforts...

Pradeep Prem Kamal said...

Microsoft Surface rocks!!!! :-)

Hey Vijesh... 1st time observing people around you ah?...

Vijesh designation changed ???? mmm student life over man...

Anonymous said...

directing their " colleges ? "

Nice post anyway :)