Sunday, May 6, 2007

Spiderman 3

May 4th, the friendly neighborhood Spiderman is back on screens! I decided to watch it on the first day! Well we prepared earlier and peeps got the tickets in INOX, Bangalore. This 2nd film review in my Blog is divided into two parts. First one telling what the strengths of the film,

It’s a definite treat for “Spiderman Fans & Lovers”. The usual spide swing moving from long shots to closer shots was there in the film. A large number of spide’s web was flicked from the arm of super hero! The theme regarding the back substance was nice & new! Also Peter Parker with his black suit in and attracting girls was bit funny and credits to his acting. The special effect in the climax was really good, with the trashing fight scenes with the villains. The first sequence of fight was awesome.

If you ask, it’s a worth money spend for your kids! I doubt that. Since, there would have lost concentration due to the long conversations that were put in the middle of the film. I could realize in seats behind me! A group of kids occupied the row behind me, they started to kick my seat in front of me. Some got out of the seat and started to move around. Next, the villains, was not stamping and frightening like Spiderman 2 where the evil Dr was really good. Next character choosing, I guess the special effects team from “The Mummy” worked for this film for the “Sand man”. Since the effects was already used to the audience in ways of Mummy. Too many crooks, spoil the broth, it was like this with more villains at one point time! It really posed to be super natural to defeat them with Spiderman powers. :)

Many ask the question, is this end of Spiderman series? But my view is not. Since no sign of it was in the film. The definitely wanted to continue.

I give it 7/10.

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