Friday, June 8, 2007

I walk alone I walk alone

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But its home to me and I walk alone

The number that I have been recently hearing. Or I start realizing that its really happening. Yes indeed its happening right here. Everyone are opening their next chapters of life. The new chapter is not the same for all, everyone having them differently. Finally all are left alone with different things. Now there are more people who move out of Bangalore than they come inside to bangalore. Its only a hand full of we guys who had stuck together for a long time! would continue too...

Listen to the beautiful song!

I walk a lonely road... This song recently played in Novell Annual Day, by few of my friends here. Best of the music performance given for that evening. Yes, it was fun all through the 20 days to Novell Annual Day preparation. I staged 2 dances one was from "Don", the other was "Where's the party tonight". It was great feeling for me, now that because of this I came to know more people in and around me. Also, I have a long awaited company during the journey in office cab in the slogging hosur road traffic. I got a MP3 players as an annual day goodie!

P.S: Finally I embedded music also to my blog. Song source here
Update: Just be careful, Don be over involved in this song. It can break friendship! Or you might really walk alone! :)


sagopal said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ahhhhh ahhhhhh

Tom Praison said...

hmm cool song.. i really love it..

barbi bharadwaj said...

amazing song,

btw, i am vivek's roomie.
i guess we met at LOR too.
mind a link exchange??