Monday, January 29, 2007

First Race zzzz!

It was a weekend to remember for a us (myself, gopal, sri and santy). Trip to Hyd started slowly and ended very slowly. But the in between part was exciting, some of which would include. A long midnight bike ride in smooth hilly roads of Hyd, some TT, a Toyota car :), 3d movie and some spicy briyani.

Apart from this, one stands out. "Go Carting", yes we drove to the very outskirts of Hyd to reach this small Go Carting circuit called "Runway 9" comes after Bowenpally, 13kms before Medchel. Immediately we put on the gear and launched on the wheels. It was a cement track, so was bit bumpy. My first trail run was awesome. Adrenalin rushed drive. Nice curvy turns and some long stretches to accelerate. But fear was the first enemy, I crashed once, after then had a conservative drive. Sitting in the driver's seat at such an low angle of the road is exciting. Now I wonder how kimi, Naren and other would drive those million dollar machines at such high speeds. Hats of too them.

Not last but not least, try this soon. Its great!


sagopal said...

You could have mentioned the place
Runway 9 ., Towards medchal
13 kms before Medchel , Comes after Bowenpally

Vijesh said...

Oh Ya. Thanks for updating.