Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Big Dinner

The usual lazy weekend was nearing, but at least I had pre-planned how to kill time for the weekend by playing and being online. Then by Saturday evening we were invited by my class girls for a dinner. They had plans to order pizza, but please not that dry bread any more. We (myself & Gopal) wanted something spicy. So we asked for some home made. Reached there on time, but still the cook & co we still cooking. Susila was the Project lead there, Raji was the like a technical lead doing some major job, but not last but the least Ramya who was a contractor for that kitchen. She jumps in then an there doing some fixing job. (Don under estimate her, she is also capable of leading on her own).

The menu was good, we had some potato sambar (which susila forgot to add dhall) which she did at the last, then some kelangu poriyal, papads, life time once omelet. Myself and Gopal ended up full, and were barely able to move. Thanks to those girls for that dinner!

Btw, the house was good. Esp the 1st floor, since it was newly build. I envied upon it and ended up in making it a mess. But the gang cleaned it again :)

Few snaps to be shared!

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