Thursday, February 22, 2007

Google Speaker Series (TALK - 1)

my messenger status stated,
"Listening to the father (Vint Cerf)
who speaks about his child's (internet)
past, present, future.

Yes as like several hundred young engineerings who skipped late evening work in their office to listen to "The Father". I was there at the initiation of the Google Speaker Series in Bangalore. The talk was by Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, Vise President & Chief Internet Evangelist for Google. I still would be arguing with Santosh, that networks and related technologies have saturated. But let me think again.

Cerf, had a good notion of humor. The talk was informative though it was not very technical. I see this as an awareness champaign to all the young brains who are looking for more challenges. The talk initially had a briefing on current trends on internet and how the world is divided by it. Next he spoke about the challenges that are faced by them.

Then came the "Next Big Thing" he spoke about the next generation of inter connection, which he calls as
InterPlaNet - InterPlanetry Network Project. This talks about the inter space communication standards. The questionnaire was also interesting where he spoke about digital divide in India to the western world. Also as anybody would have guessed how did he end up in Google and what would take us to go there!

P.S: Photo courtesy Yahoo

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