Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nadunisi Naaygal movie review

" Obsession - Sexual abuse - MPD "
Nadunisi Naaygal is a Photon Kathaas production from the director Gautham Menon. After success from romantic Vinnaithandi varuvaya, Gautham's attempt in an alternate genre is Nadunissi Naaygal which he tags as a psychological thriller.

The movie is about a psychotic man who has a dark childhood.  His obsession with a woman, sexual abuse in his past and his multiple personalities lead to the killing of many girls who come across in his life. The whole movie is a flashback narrated by Veera, the lead role in the movie. The first half is about what happens in his childhood and how he is rescued and is given a chance of new life through Meenakshi, a neighbor. Soon, memories of his childhood start haunting veera and he turns violent. He goes hunting for girls, abuses them sexually and eventually kills them. Sameera reddy aka Sukanya is the turning point in Veera's life and brings him to limelight. The story continues to end narrating how Sukanya's life changed because of the kidnap.

Technically there are no songs or BGM (that's what Gautham Menon claimed in an interview) in the movie. Many credits to the cameraman who has done a great job with unusual camera angles. Especially scenes within the car and some scenes where the camera acts a character's eye view. Sound engineering is another plus in the movie, but not great. Screenplay is like a sine curve, there are peaks where it moves fast and valleys where it is slow with repeated dialogues. I would say that dialogues are the drawback of this movie. "I love you Meenakshi amma, naan ungala nalla vechu pathukren", makes many from the audience giggle, since it sounds similar to "Chellam, I love you da" - from Prakash Raj. Another aspect that I felt missing in the movie was that the movie rarely was "thrilling", and only few scenes really gave goose bumps. With a storyline like that Gautham Menon could have made a great thriller, if the screenplay had been better.

It's a common sentiment that the movie is disturbing. How disturbing, that is left to one's tolerance. There was a moment in the first half when I felt "Can we leave the theatre?".

Overall, Watch the movie if you are inquisitive about the movie after watching the trailer. 

Takeaway from the movie:

  • I don't think my wife will ever ask me to go and get popcorn while watching the movie.
  • Never get a lift to home from an old friend.
  • If my wife had used her own suggestion (in this discussion) she would have escaped the trauma and the other girl would have ran away in the middle of the movie.
  • I lost my chance of suggesting a movie next time I go with my wife. :P
  • I really liked the graphics in the movie title and the numerous posters that were created. :)


Abirami Rajendran said...

I will ask you to get popcorn. will tag along though :|

Rathna Kumar said...

heavy influence from Hitchcock n Silence of the Lambs. he being schizophrenic is evident frm the first 30 mins.
not gripping at all. the only challenge am left with is to separate out Samar vs Veera in the narration part (confession).. initially it sounded like its all Samar.
in the end, GVM for no reason has given a hint for a sequel like Natural Born Killers.. (veera n samantha). unfair!.

DK said...

I somehow feel I will like this movie. What about going this weekend again in Coimbatore...

GP said...

Great review and i totally agree.. At the end of the first half, i desperately wanted to leave the theatre..Was too much of a psycho movie than a thriller one according to me!!

Bipin Shenoy said...

I was wondering if I should go for the movie. This blog helped me take a decision. Thanks :)

Kishore said...

DK - Sathyama naan varala!! :) but you will like the movie.