Thursday, March 15, 2007

Make it a Better Place!

Is the place you live is with better standards? Recently two of my friends Rajiv and Smitha wrote about Bangalore and its nonsense traffic. Even though the Bangalore traffic police take their best efforts to make a smooth and quick journey for the travelers. People are not responsible and infrastructure doesn't support it. For example I travel often in 3 major traffic bottleneck spots. They include Koramangala, Airport Road and Hosur Road. The worst of all would be hosur road, because there are lots of unmonitored road crossings. Also few months back was reposted in news to hold the max accident zone of Bangalore. Next is intermediate ring road koramangala. Bikers at times take the foot path to zoom their bike from the stagnant traffic. But I would bet you Bangalore is always better than Hyderabad (becoz of the discipline in driving)

Next big this in Bangaloren's concern is autos. Think they are the highest paid after s/w jobs. Some meters are hot and run fast. Some demand 1½ (one and a half) of the meter price once it nears 9pm. Some times twice the charge. But there's no check to them. Hyderabad was good in this aspect of getting autos for reasonable price.

Still there are lot of good things in Bangalore! ;-) But when we discuss such things next thing that comes to mind is so whats the IT city thats better of all. So I though we better poll it out. Just make your choice and see what others have an opinion.

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sbharath said...

Hyderabad has the worst traffic.