Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cricket Cricket Cricket

This is buzz among all age groups! People will be leaving office soon to sit before the TV sets @ 2000hrs. Srihari kick started his blog with cricket stories. Former cricketer Srikanth with affiliation with Google started his own space and Orkut group. Let me too key a few on my blog.

This is according to me an open world cup! The world cup has begun with no hot favorites. That makes the audience sector more interesting. One side Australia getting tossed up by England and the black caps, the other side teams like Srilanka and South Africa are gaining momentum day by day. For India its the same story as like we were in the earlier tournaments. Still with lots of inconsistency in the performance. Coach still shuffling and making alternatives for players. Viru, Pathan not at their best. Lets see how we progress in the tournaments.

The teams are up, next the venue. The Caribbean, beautiful place to watch on TV. The pitch are bit slow and will stay low and turn than expected. Toss stays a crucial factor as ever. Off the field players have already started to exchange words in the media. Like the latest Ricky-Sunny story.

Finally after effect of this world cup for sure will be late comers to office. Watching the match until late night and start late to office. ;) Also we started to play cricket inside the office campus (wishing nothing motivates once F1 gets started). So who will triumph at the end? Lets sit and watch.

Forget not "cheer India."

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