Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sweet Farewell

Yes.. Our time is up.. My college days are over.. These 4+ years @ PSG Tech has been the most memorable in my life.. Lots of friends, fun, up's and down.. I learnt a lot both academic and personally.. We had a grand finale for this end.. First was the a awesome amount of fun we had in the last day of the college.. Lots of flashes flickerring around.. Scribblings.. Cakes and Tears..

Adding more shine to the crown was the stunning farewell we got from our sub-juns.. We had a farewell to softies2k, which we felt one among the beautiful farewell.. But this was no match to it.. better than the best.. The venue was Deja Vu.. The moment we entered the hall the lights was great and the event were neat, esp the first segment, were a presentation (DOMCA Speciality) abt my class was really touching.. :-) Everything was great about the farewell.. Only thing was I had to spend only half of it, after which I had to leave due to unavoidable circumstances.. But towards the end, was a song composed for us..

natpe natpe dhinam natpil thithithom
natpe natpe ini enge sandhipom
ada varusham aindhu enbadhu oru nimisham aagi ponadhu
vilaiyatu vilaiyatu vilayattaiiii
naam kalil udhaitha pandhugal indru thondai kuzhiyil uruludhu
indha uravum indha pirivum ini engum kidaikadhe
nalla puthagam pol namai naame dhinam vasithom
andha noolagam marandhiduma
nitham arusuvai aratayil pasiyarinom
andha unavagam marandhiduma
ketta pazhakangal pala katru kondom
nalla idhayathai naam sumanthu selvom
padam soliyadhu kai alavu
package soliyadhu kadal alavu
inru azhagana farewell dhan nadakindradhe
andru yaro endru vandhom inge mudal naalile
indru natpil manam kai kulukudhe
dhinam china china sandai potta kayam ellam
indru sugamaga valikindradhe
indha aanenum penenum bedham
adhu enendru naam kettu senrndhom
endha dhisaikalil nadandhiduvom
enge yevarudan inaindhiduvom
nalai varum natkal idhu pola inidhagatum
kadaisi benche bye bye
college canteene bye bye
ocl labe bye bye
kg karpagame bye bye
assesment tutoriale bye bye
domca deparmente bye bye
boomerang caramele bye bye
suthina peelamede bye bye

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SushMira said...

Hey thanks for the lyrics..wanted them badly..reall sweet post :-) een more lazy now n been working on one post for the past one week ..still not over..Guess will release it soon!!