Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Le festival plus de!

Yes, the festival is over!

I'm back with a bang to my scribblings! So what was the festival? where was it? can you come and have some fun again? Think Again. The festival season started from SCT all along the way till elgooG. The festival is unique one of its kind, selected people are allowed to participate. The highlight of the festival is, on regular time interval a door will be shown. It is now left to the individuals to find the right door, Just finding the right door is not important. But holding the right key! On a given day any door could be opened by anyone with the right key! But you cant make a key for any door, you should possesses it by yourself. For me its a tough ride, and still riding!

Its almost an end for my college days, just 30+ Days to Goo.. An sensational time out there in my college. Like Steve Ballmer, I would say, "I love this college". This semester in a nutshell. Least ever attendance percentage, Soft Computing, Placement cell, Resi, Countdowns and ofcourse No studies. Login is just days away! Looking forward for it.

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SushMira said...

hey the way u narrate our happy days is really wonderful !! few more days let's have a blast !!!!