Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cat, dog & roosters

No, its not the once in a blue moon update post from me.
Recently I'm having more time to look at life at its natural best. With the nativity of my inlaws to a country side life we decided to get some pets at home. Primarily its easier to baby sit my daughter with them around. Thanks to the PWD engineer who decided to build this govt quarters with a lot of real estate space for garden and a small house in the centre.

We have a bunch of squirrels running in the garden eating the seasonal fruits. They are busy and fast.

Then we got 9 hen, 1 rooster and 2 Guinea type. Then patrol the house 250 times a day looking for insects, ants and other food wastes. A recurring alarm early in the morning, so I have literally sound proofed the bedroom.

With the new arrivals in the compound, the old god father cat from the neighborhood is annoyed. He stops by and has even started marking territory!

But the rooster and gang are determined to make a statement "இது எங்க area, உள்ள வராதேய்" [English: Its our area, don't come here] until the cat walks away annoyed.

Last but not least, Mac. A stray dog we adopted from a busy highway & my daughters favourite so far. Sadly we lost Mac to a severe viral fever. May his soul rest in peace in the beautiful garden.

I have to update this post, as the latest pet that interests Proton is Night Fury! I knew pets are at times downside, but this is extreme. Someone bring home a Night Fury (to be exact toothless).

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