Saturday, September 3, 2011

House rants

Abirami recently got her four wheeler drivers license after rigorous training at the driving school. So every time we loan the Zen from my inlaws place for a ride, I would ask her to drive. She would politely decline the offer by saying roads are too crowed or not in a mood to drive.

One day we were driving some where outside and I slowed down near a speed breaker. I asked,
Vijesh (Me): Abi, which gear would you goto to slow down at these speed breaker?
Abirami (She): Hmmm, First gear.
Me: You can slow down to second gear, that would be enough, I think.
She: Oh ok. Most of the times I drive in first gear.
Me: Ohhh! (I looked amused)
She: Then I will drive in second and third gear at times.
She: But will never goto fourth gear!
Me: Why is that?
She: I get confused. Instead of the fourth gear, I will put the reverse gear.
Me: Astonished I looked and said, "Abi, I will drive when we go out."


Sankar said...

I am learning driving now. I was saying the same thing few days back when travelling with a friend. You guys must be experts to drive at 4th gear. I always prefer 1st or 2nd gear. I can go to 3rd if the road is empty but would prefer to just drive in 2nd.

In fact the trainer got confused when I said, Indian Govt. should remove 4th and 5th gears from cars. Speed limits in India is for 50 kmph. This is nicely accomodated by 3rd gear itself. Why allow people to go beyond this and then fine them, when they do ;-)

Vijesh said...

@Sankar, I'm not an expert driver, but 4th & 5th gear are smooth and fuel efficient! Try driving once in a highway you will realize the bliss of 5th gear!

Sankar said...

@Vijesh: Yeah, thats what the trainer said. I will be going for the 5th gear in tomorrow's class

The Visitor said...

LOL - Abi made sure that you will never ask her to drive. :)

Dee said...


That was the way my husband taught me to drive too!

He would go down a slope and say, what gear?

You men!! :P

Vijesh said...

There is nothing like observing & learning, I do it all the time when I was learning. Will watch my brother-in-law drive or office cab drivers.

Driving is a survival skill for metro life.

Sugeeth said...

So many wishes for Abi, not one for Vijesh.. very unfair :(

My regards and wishes to the family.. Congrats to both of you and my regards to the baby and the car :)

damodarakkannan a said...

nice one. this reminds me to practise the car driving. anyways, there should be "like" link, button for blogs like that on facebook. much simpler option isn't it?