Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of Summer! Almost

My wife handed me the mobile, on the line is a common friend. After less than a minute in the conversation she asked, "Why no update in the blog? What are you doing these days!" I paused for a second to think, but was not able to make up a convincing answer. Yes gone are those days for active blogging. I just hopped the list in the blogroll to find almost 75% of them seldom write it anymore.

Myself, Getting into the groove of Chennai life. My first real summer in Chennai after I relocated. Few bike rides on the weekends can be more draining that work days. So I seldom take it on longer rides. Spending long hours with the O-General air conditioner is the only relief. Even my laptop reboots automatically after the cpu fan spinning its life out to keep the processor cool. Living on real fluids this time (yeah! I'm not in bangalore to have more than one meaning to it). Hopefully some showers come in soon or atleast I met dept should stop making predictions.

Otherwise, went to an IPL match, got a ManU jersey (courtesy: UK return Karthi), coding in Java after a break and no improvements in weight loss effort.

Oh yeah, I don know how I missed it - Light Story. Visit the facebook page too.


Amudhan said...

Light Story is simply awesome Vijesh!

Vijesh said...

Thanks Amudhan