Thursday, July 23, 2009

Recent Addiction

I have a natural affinity to Physics. I remember my Physics lessons vividly and still occasionally get time to read something on the same line. Lucky that I either got a good Physics teacher at school or compensated that in my tuition classes. My Physics teacher used to start every unit with this statement: "What is Light? Define light?" After many students trying to guess, he would say, "Light is nothing but Light!". Experiments used to amuse me, I liked the way how candle flame used to get inverted through the convex lens and the Pendulum experiments.

Recently one of my friends tweeted about this new addiction, yeah, it's a game! Gravity Master (,a game based on Physics. You have a rolling ball, you have to move the ball to the glowing black circles. That's it. Looks simple. Now it's left to your imagination how you reach the destination. Drawing lines, shapes are all left to one's imagination. My room mates, friends and many around me started to play. Incidentally I introduced my friend and she sat thro the night and mailed me in the morning that she completed 21 level in one stretch.

So addictive it is! Right now, I'm stuck with 23 and really need a mouse to play it, because it's hard to work with this insensitive touch pad mouse. Try it, have fun.

P.S: If you are a computer scientist don't miss Box 2D and Crayon Physics in the "Thanks To" section.


Arula said...

I too got addicted to this.. finally completed all the 24 levels in 1 single day..

Vijesh said...

Welcome aboard Arula and now I'm hunting for more games likes this! You fish one out, let me know!