Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Second Home

Now a days, this place has begun to become my second home. This home is simple in construction, just four walls. Also to be economic the engineer did not keep a door for the house. There are around five neighbours to this house, interesting too.

Neighbour 1:
This house is always silent & atmost empty with minimal things. The person occupying it is always focused on what he is doing. There are frequent visitors to this house. At times my chat companion.

Neighbour 2:
I need to visit this house often, since we need too. The maximum neighbourhood ping for me comes from this house. Often people from there visit my home.

Neighbour 3:
This is the most happening place of all the 6 houses in my colony. Too many visitors for this house. Thought the owner will not be in his place most of the time. A place I don want to visit for a code review.

Neighbour 4:
This is second best happening place, atleast no serious stuff goes here. The person reads books at an inhuman speed. 1 page per min. It seems to be the most decorated house in our colony. But also awarded the messiest place (at times)! You just can pull the house owners legs 24/7. Guaranteed entertainment in terms for comedy, conversational drama and weird sounds.

Neighbour 5:
This was so far a visitors home. Who ever plans to leave the colony comes and stays here for some time. Depending on the owner, it seems to be most decorated or most empty. I made great friends in this house. Now recently a new tenant has taken this place with desire or staying there for a long time. Good luck.


Srihari said...

A really nice thought to pen down.. I guess blogs like these gives a small break from our usual hectic work ..

good one!!! Keep blogging ...

Abirami Rajendran said...

Thanks for the total damage."No serious stuff",huh?What abt all the times when I sit and "seriously" use orkut/GTalk?

Vijesh said...

Yeah I missed many, 8x5 consulting period is one among them.