Monday, September 24, 2007


My recent status msg was this, "Action speaks louder than words, So don try it with your status msg". Messengers are one such application second to our email clients, that we use extensively. Having status msg in those messengers are the latest pass time of young software engineers. That too esp gmail, Even I'm addicted to it. Not to put one, but to read one. Every time I pass my chat windows, I quickly scan the contacts if something is new. Some reasons I can think of why ppl have status msg

  • Greetings from Good Morning, Birthday wishes.
  • Notify on the new things they have got.
  • Tease someone!
  • Most interesting would be abstract messages that are intended to someone!
  • At times people even exchange words with their status msg. :)
  • Selling their blog url (inc me)
  • Noolu vidradhu :)
Have fun! (Below is a shock wave flash object. If you can't see it, configure accordingly or click here)

Disclaimer: This post was pun intended. If any snapshot is not to be shown they can write to me!


DK said...

Noolu vidradhu kooda oru reason eh irukalaam da :-) ....

surya said...
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surya said...

The majority is selling the URL of the blog i guess :)

Vijesh said...

points added in Dk
At times when readers are lazy to go and read, we are forced to sell them soorya! :)

Srihari said...

I remember people posting Live scores or news thats happening around ..

Majority is trying to make us ping them becoz of their weird comments or bizzare lines :) ( eg : damo )

Vijesh said...

True srihari, it stands as an attractive factor for a ping!